No item or garment is too difficult as we use ironing and steaming equipment that specialises in perfect heat settings without the risk of burn or shine. From silk to linen, cotton to cashmere, nothing is off limits.

A regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly ironing service can be arranged, or just call when it gets overwhelming!

It’s as simple as leaving your Ironing basket at your home or office, with/without coat hangers (which can be supplied) and with any special instructions (e.g. special care, folding or starch).

Delivery is usually 24 to 48 hours depending on location. There is no need to wait if it can be left in a safe secure place. If there is a rack or door handles available, we will conveniently hang your ironing safe and dry.

A flat fee may apply for delivery, depending on your location. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively you can drop off and pick up from our premises at 3 Hobart Street in Bayswater 6053.

An invoice is left with every load and payment can be made by cash or direct deposit.

It’s as easy as that!

Look forward to the extra time you will save by leaving the ironing board packed away.

And know you will always have professionally ironed clothes ready to wear.