We are already updating our existing clients on the procedures we have in place for COVID-19.

Like any other workplace hazard, we have risk assessed our operations in relation to COVID-19, both from the perspective of our employees and our Clients.

We have developed a staff policy for how our employees must work in order to minimise the risk of transmission. As a client there are also some precautions you can take to protect yourself and us. These are listed in a separate document.

Our business model and how we interact with our clients makes us low risk . We will always operate in accordance with health department guidelines and Government advice.

Below are links to our policies, feel free to take a look for yourself at how we are addressing the risk of COVID-19.

PFS Covid 19 Advice to Clients 14_03_2020 – V01

PFS Covid 19 Staff Policy 14_03_2020 – V01